viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Super Show 5


I had a great experience; I went to Super Junior concert “Super Show 5” and was amazing!
(Notably, it was my first concert)
In line to enter the Movistar Arena, I met with Carolina had not seen a long time and I met two amazing girls too, Fran and Conny. I had fun with them while waiting for the arrival Yarett and Pau.
I have not much to say about the concert, just, it was amazing.
Light, Music, Fans, Artist… Was all right!!
If I had to say something bad about the concert, one would ...
the girl who was next to me scared me because she did not scream like a normal girl, she had convulsions ... I thought that at any moment she would faint.
I am very happy with this experience!!

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